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Women's Run

womens run

The Rocky Mountain Soap Company is Canada’s leader in 100% Natural Bath and Body products. A key aim of the RMSC is to provide healthy, 100% natural bath and body products and to promote a healthy and? well-balanced lifestyle.

The Rocky Mountain Soap Women’s Run & Walk was initially started in Canmore in order to:

– create safe, fun and inclusive events for women, that inspire the pursuit of an active, healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

– build a community platform that offers knowledge and expertise of selected professionals, as well as supports charitable organizations both culturally and financially.

A healthy post-race reception, well-being stations along the course, a non-competitive atmosphere and amazing swag will make this event an unforgettable experience for women of all ages and fitness levels.


Here is Jane’s story. She is a major inspiration for the run and our goal is to get more people like Jane to live an active & healthy lifestyle.

– Karina Birch & Cam Baty, owners of the Rocky Mountain Soap Company

“I started running in June 2007, just before my 48th birthday. I could not run to the end of the street (about 100 meters) without stopping at least 3 times. The next year I completed my very first half marathon. Running has become very important to me. It has helped me transform myself in body and mind.

Running has given me so much confidence in myself. It has taught me that i can do anything that life throws at me. It has taught me that I am capable of pushing myself past what I thought my limits were both physically and mentally. It has given me a whole new outlook on life. Anyone can do it. Start walking or running and bring yourself health and happiness. I love to run and am really looking forward to the next RMSC Woman’s Run.”

– Jane Green


“It’s inspiring to see how running brings women together and how many women’s lives have been positively impacted by running. The Rocky Mountain Soap Women’s Run is a testament to women and the power of running. The run was an incredible experience in a spectacular setting with amazing women!”
– Vera, Women’s Run Participant

“The Soap Co race keeps getting better every year! I’ve participated since it’s inception, either in the shorter distance or the 1/2 marathon events. It’s an inclusive gathering which offers challenging opportunities for beginners and seasoned runners, has super scenic routes, fabulous food, and great swag.”
– Morag from Canmore